The guiding principles of our philosophy are passion and integrity. We only design and carry products we ourselves truly believe in. These are products which in many cases we’ve come to rely on, beloved staples of our own wardrobes, homes and daily routines that keep us feeling great.

Items produced for our own brand ANNA HORA are designed in partnership with our network of artisans and craftspeople who share our passion for substance and quality being just as important as style.

Our products are timeless, elegant, meticulously well imagined and always made with love.



We pride ourselves on going the extra mile in search of products we feel are extraordinary.

It’s what makes our pieces ‘ANNA’ and the reason it took us 18 months to find the perfect silk and two years to find the perfect partner to help us turn it into our loungewear.

ANNA is about understated simplicity, stripping back products to their most fundamental of qualities, then using only the finest materials, ingredients and craftsmanship to elevate those qualities to the very highest level we possibly can.



We recognise that making clothes and manufacturing will always have an impact on our environment, but we also understand it’s our duty to minimise that impact as much as we can.

Innovation is fundamental to everything we do and we’re committed to making improvements at all levels of our business to positively add to rather than take away from the Earth that sustains us.

All of our fabrics are plastic free. We only consider using synthetic or heavily processed materials when natural alternatives aren’t practical or simply don’t exist.



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